One-on-one personalized sessions available in your home or outdoors.  Individual, Group Classes and private parties for Boga SUP Yoga and Indo Yoga Board also offered.  If you're a parent, bring the little person and we can all play. 

"I believe your body is the BEST machine you can use.  Bodyweight exercises using equipment such as the TRX and balance exercises using the bosu, stability ball and the Indo Board Balance trainer are part of my training regimen.  Call or email me for details.  I look forward to meeting you where you are, accepting you as you are, and bringing out the BEST you can be!!"


I met Amy during our Yoga Teacher Training. From the first time I talked to her I felt so comfortable and at ease, she has such a lovely personality, always smiling , a super positive and giving woman.  Later I started taking her yoga classes, and as a yoga instructor myself,  I felt inspired by her teaching. Her classes are catering to all levels and she has this amazing ability to make a beginner but also someone that has been practicing yoga for a while to feel that they can get to the next level no matter what that is!

I also  started to training with Amy. She always comes up with different ideas , she keeps our trainings fresh and exciting and she works me out hard! I have been in gymnastics before and been working out all my life but with her trainings, I have felt muscles I did not know existed!  She is such a professional  with an eye for detail, and above all, such a wonderful and inspiring individual!  I am blessed to have her in my life!  (See pics to left of our training session.  A special thank you to Katerina and to Sean Mosbey, photographer.)
-Katerina Polychroniou (Yoga Instructor)

Amy's education, knowledge, and work ethic with clients is top notch. I have referred patients to her that require specific training for health conditions and she gets rated A+. She comes from the heart!
I highly recommend Amy!

- Dr. Leslie Hewitt,

Amy is an amazingly warm, talented, multi-faceted and very knowledgeable practitioner. Her experience and training in many different modalities enable her to expertly and deeply facilitate a general sports, life conditioning or yoga practice and more importantly, provide injury treatment and education for injury prevention. A client can rely upon her skills to read accurately the body's strengths and weaknesses and to encourage with grace and care an individual's growth. She is a gift to her clients.
~Marshia Beck, retired supervisor Dance Medicine Department, Center for Sports Medicine, St Francis Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA

Individualized Fitness